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No Reason歌词

在线发布歌词 来源:网络整理  所属专辑 :


karada kaze o tsurete
Dare mo wake mo shirazuni
Far away, in the night, listening to the wind
There is no reason why I have to be

Maoitta ai no omoi de ga
Kanashii hodo sora o kakeru
Mirai ha kimi no mune o saki
Hohoemi sae kowasu darou
There in the light, memories are unbearable
Faces surround and voices all overwhelm
Here in the night, there is only the here and now
Angel of Darkness, I, soon comes the light of day

Mukashi no tomodachi ni moratta kotoba dake
Chiisaku kagayaite michiru no chiri ni naru
Here in the night, I am no one to everyone
Faceless and pastless, wandering towards my fate
Deep blue and gold, in the moonlight I turn to flee
Smiling, I journey on, until the break of dawn