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在线发布歌词 来源:原创翻译  所属专辑 :


lamé and charms
Going through life is to
Try get a chance!
Because I have it here, I have strong dreams

Let's drive out the rivals
Filling the daytime
Instead of a smile or lips
An eyebeam is my special weapon

*Become me
With a flash, sailor diamonds!
A guardian born at daybreak
Because it's me, they will come true
Starlight prayers!
Let's make up
The sparkle is in my heart
A sailor soldier, that is a
Moonlight real girl

I lower my eyelashes silently
From my slender legs come tears rain
The distant road that she saw
I know will be found in my strong future

I'm totally calm, but still
My heart is depressed
When that happens, more than anyone
I send an eyebeam to you

Become me
With a flash, sailor wings!
A guardian running through the earth
Because it's me, I can fight this battle
I'll go make up, the sparkle is my forehead
A sailor soldier, that is a
Moonlight fortune

Become me
With a flash, catch me kiss again
Undo the ribbon on my sailor suit
Because it's me, I don't need anything anymore
Make up, at that moment
The sparkle I give to you
A sailor soldier
That is everlasting love

A sailor soldier, that is a
Moonlight real girl