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Gamble Rumble歌词

在线发布歌词 来源:网络整理  所属专辑 :



bnig it back hey,rock'n ro!!!
life goes on
(just get you back and bring it back on)
bust it up!
(here we go,1,2)move it up and brcak it !!
(bring back yo it's right time,hey boy,rock'n roll)
Gamble, you gatta chance to make a Rumble!
(oh yeah!)
Gamble, you gatta dive in to a scramble!
(cheak it out come on!)
值得守的事物 其实并不太多
(give it you!,give it up yo!)
何妨悄悄逞强一点 赌上一切
play the game!
let's gambie hey jumbo now shake your bum and do therumble


bring it back hey,rock'n roll!!!2 G0 W0 D* c* N
life goes on, k4 z1 W( b( D
満足してた% W1 C" o5 m0 J) C5 u( `/ b
少しの希望だけで; O1 i* ?9 u0 t' o
待ってれば! U* I" y/ `: X, B' M$ I4 t
& S5 s# a- B( p8 k+ @( X! `7 @just got to get yo back8 L3 v/ d; k# z$ c0 I- P% w) Y
and bring it back on
$ I9 D, N, [. D2 C, P' Lなんて小さい自分なんだろう?
; m) w! R6 r; X% g: T" ~9 nbust it up!
" n- Z  `6 V2 j6 |' shere we go,1,2
7 Q) [  c: Z: y  s! h, s7 hmove it up and break it!
0 E$ N: R5 t) d" B; D今すぐ梦まで走ろう
# D+ p5 B3 G7 K& T% pbring back yo it's the right time
' R( A: f6 |5 \: Ohey boy,rock'n roll( b1 U! a8 Q+ Z7 T& m8 s
gamble' u% @- G9 X5 }3 x- l( P
you gatta chance to make a rumble!* F4 g4 x% A) Z2 O
7 ?- r" Z4 B, U/ O. f; @oh yeah!: i5 {7 x' f' u+ r7 {0 w; P# q
gamble; z2 V7 i8 K4 K2 d
you gatta dive in to a scramble!6 Z' i) z7 b- E! [. G2 o: D
5 t/ r2 f7 U8 Y2 `% g) u* t' Dcheak it out come on!
& L* A* U; ^8 D1 G, x' Q守るべきモノなんて
& o3 _! n  M1 k0 o実はそんなに无い" Q! z5 n# Z/ Q. ~9 r% Q
give it up yo!
( Y. L$ p2 m; m& _' b' |give it up yo!
; b8 N9 R9 Y& V# r) u8 ?6 A4 y少しだけ强がって
' u- Y( k4 l) f7 V; s- B+ T0 [